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About the Poodle Specialty Club

Of British Columbia

The Poodle Specialty Club of BC encourages and promotes all aspects of the Poodle Breed, including: showing, training for performance events, ethical breeding practices and responsible pet ownership.  


We strive to improve communications, understanding and relationships between Poodle breeders, owners, potential owners and the general public by hosting:


  • Poodle Specialty Meetings every 2nd month

  • Organizing and participating in poodle walks and other social events throughout the year

  • Referral services to quality Poodle Breeders

  • Public education about Poodles


We welcome new members who are interested in participating in Poodle events and hope you will join us as we endeavor to leave a legacy of improved health for future purebred poodles, their breeders and their owners.


The Poodle Specialty Club of BC is a Canadian Kennel Club approved regional club.



  • Katelon Bajona-Fox 

Vice President:

  • Lynne Galloway 


  • Katherine Pepper


  • Katherine Pepper


Director of BC Interior & Yukon:

  • Open Position


Director of BC Southwest/Vancouver Island:

  • Nathan Shapitka

Website Manger

Melissa Willms

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